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Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic particle inspection processes is non-destructive method for the detection of surface, near-surface and sub-surface defects and flaws in ferrous and ferromagnetic materials.

A magnetic field is applied to the item to be tested, either locally or overall, using a permanent magnet, electromagnet, flexible cables or hand-held prods. If the material is sound, most of the magnetic flux is concentrated below the material’s surface. However, if a flaw is present, such that it interacts with the magnetic field, the flux is distorted locally and ‘leaks’ from the surface of the specimen in the region of the flaw.

MPI is particularly sensitive to surface-breaking or near-surface cracks, even if the crack opening is very narrow. However, if the crack runs parallel to the magnetic field, there is little disturbance to the magnetic field and it is unlikely that the crack will be detected. For this reason it is recommended that the inspection surface is magnetised in two directions at 90° to each other. Alternatively, techniques using swinging or rotating magnetic fields can be used to ensure that all orientations of crack are detectable.

Typical inspections include Weld inspection both Structural and Piping, components, castings, forgings and welded fabrications

Inspectors are certified by:-PCN, PED, ISO 9712, EN 473, ASNT Level 2/3